26. Januar 2013


The last year was, for sure, one of the most challenging years in my life. I did nothing, had to much to think about. But in the room with this view - a room not made for two people, but it never seemed to small - I always were utterly happy.

(I will try to write, only a little something now and then about my photographs or anything else (and I will try to do so in English, although I´m not that good with English grammar or spelling). I hope you are ok with that.)


  1. ♥ Ich bin gerade mehr oder weniger durch Zufall auf deinen Blog gestoßen und habe mich sofort verliebt: In deine Bilder, was sie ausdrücken, die Farben... alles! Großen Respekt, Charlotte

    1. Was für ein riesiges, wunderschönes Kompliment! Vielen, vielen Dank!


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